welcome to the failure.net pod!


registration is open. ...but i am just one guy with a server, and i make no guarantees about anything -- i will do what i can to keep things working and updated.


this pod is https-based and has twitter integration.

you can sign yourself up right now: sign up!


contact me if you want: slacker@failure.net (email/diaspora/googlechat)

or add phliKtid@failure.net in diaspora for pod info/updates


NOTE: i reserve the right to suspend and/or delete any account on this pod that is saying/doing something that can get me in trouble with the law whose jurisdiction i am under (which would be Texas/u.s.). i love free speech, but that doesn't mean anyone can say anything they want on my pod - in some cases, you may need to go somewhere else to have your free speech. i assume no responsibility for the content/actions/comments of any account on this pod except ones that were specifically created and are controlled/managed/run by me (which would pretty much be phliKtid and slacker).